With an approach that turns science into art, Roberto Dabdoub captures beauty under the microscope. In creating Micro Art, Dabdoub discovered artistic patterns in surprising places, such as a leaf's surface, a 3,000-year-old mummy's cloth, a dinosaur bone and even Tabasco sauce. He captures images from not only the sensational but also the ordinary.


He calls into question the relationship between photography and science. Similar to the nineteenth-century pioneers of the still image, Dabdoub is both photographer and scientist. He applies scientific methods to a creative spirit and unveils art in remarkable and unexpected places. He is considered a revolutionary in electro-imaging, which works on the principle of producing an image by passing high-voltage electricity through an object. Inspired by his environment, his passion for photomicrography began as a schoolboy living near the rain forests of Honduras and has continued to his current residence in New Orleans. His work as a genetic scientist, from which he has retired, gave him a valuable understanding of science, which he translates into art. His work has been included in the New Orleans Museum of Art's photography collection and developed into a line of ties called "Micro Shots." Dabdoub donates most of his proceeds to charity.

To purchase any of Roberto Dabdoub's high resolution images, or to reserve his limited edition portfolio, please, contact Pelican Publishing Co.

Popular images from theWemco's series of designer neckties ("The Micro Shots", "Jesuis", "Oscar de la Renta", 7TH Avenue) such as"Red Wine", the "AIDS Virus", "Cholesterol", or the "Mummy's cloth"are now out of print.






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“If all life proceeds inexorably towards its end,
we should, during our lives, colour them with
the colours of love and hope...
Yes. for in Art as in life, everything is possible if, at the root, there is Love." Marc Chagall

I must say that this past year produced a truly wonderful assortment of titles and since it’s holiday time, I present a collection of a few of the finest photography books, as my gift to you. I hope you find them to be as inspiring and creatively enlightening as I did.

Micro Art; by Roberto Dabdoub; Pelican Publishing Company, PO Box 3110, Gretna, LA 70054; hard cover; 128 pages; $19.95; (ISBN 1-58980-073-7)
Roberto Dabdoub will guide you beyond the confines of normal photographic processes to view the strange world found on the other side of a microscope’s lens. The vividly colored images are the product of his highly innovative electro-imaging technique that reveals the unearthly beauty of chemicals, plants, bone, and metal. With a spark of electricity, these somewhat mundane substances take on an ethereal quality formed of wild geometric shapes and rich vibrant colors straight from nature’s imagination. There are 117 unique images to enjoy and they make this book a treat for the eyes as well as the mind. "The Shutter Bug" Bodainign="center"> 













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