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Wonderful things go completely unnoticed when you are walking down the street, looking at a leaf's surface, or even excavating the tomb of a 3,000-year mummy. In "Micro Art" Roberto Dabdoub, uses photomicrography to reveal splendor that cannot be seen with the naked eye. "Many people don't realize there is so much beauty under the microscope," says Dabdoub,
He combines a passion for the world around him and a background in science with a desire to create, to point out what others miss. Dabdoub's images include the ordinary, such as a leaf's surface or a scratch on a CD, as well as the unusual, such as a dinosaur bone or a human chromosome. In either case, Dabdoub is able to discover magnificence.
His unique vision yields a vividly abstract look into the world on its smallest level.
Roberto Dabdoub is a pioneer of electro imaging, which works on the principle of producing an image by passing high-voltage electricity through an objects. This technology is a great breakthrough for science and Dabdoub proves that it also is for art. His work is an interesting examination of the relationship between art and science, a relationship that, in this age of technological dominance, is evermore important.


  • About Roberto Dabdoub

    Dabdoub's scientific interests include the use of high frequency electricity and it effects in human and animals, cytogenetics, cytology, electronics, digital imaging in photomicrography, liquid crystallinity in biological systems, and the use of molecular labeled probes in genetics. He has published many scientific articles in these and other fields, including AIDS and breast cancer. In 1978, he presented one of the first scientific papers in the U. S demonstrating the effectiveness of digital technology in photomicrography.

    In film and video format, Roberto Dabdoub's photomicrographs have appeared on the CNN and TBS and Univision television networks and his work has been the subject of feature segments on ABC's "Good Morning America", "CNN's News From Medicine", Univision "Primer Impacto", TBS's "News From Medicine and Ivanhoe News Series "Answers for American Education", in addition to numerous local stories from networks in the United States Europe and Latin-American.
    His photographs have been featured and appeared on the covers of hundreds scientific, technical, and popular periodicals and he has written or been the subject of more than 150 articles on the subject of Art in Medicine in popular scientific and photography magazines through the world including, National Geographic, and the Copley News Service, with its 2000 newspapers worldwide.
    Prints of Dabdoub's micrographs and creative black and white images have been exhibited at over 30 locations including The Smithsonian Institution, Lafayette Natural History Museum, Caracas Museum of Bellas Artes and The New Orleans Museum of Art. He have been Exhibited in a one-man show at The Contemporary Arts Center, The Louisiana Nature and Science Center, The Louisiana Wild Life and Fishery Museum and The Louisiana World Fair. His work is represented in the permanent collection of the New Orleans Museum of Art.

    In addition, Dabdoub's photomicrographs have been incorporated into a variety of products. The most famous application of these images has been in Wemco's series of designer neckties named "The Micro Shots" collections. His images were also included in Jesuis, 7TH Ave, Oscar de la Renta, Wembley neckwear collections. Sporting a variety of images taken under the microscope. His name and the description of the product were written on every necktie made. He donated all of his profits to AIDS and cancer research.
    (Wemco is one of the largest tie manufacturers in the World)

    Dabdoub was on the staff of the Ochsner Clinic Foundation for over 30 years. He was also a writer for the New Orleans Times Picayune Sunday Magazine where he wrote articles in Spanish and English. He pioneered one of the first (major) newspaper columns written in Spanish in the US
    He recorded albums of Spanish classical poetry and plays Jazz and classical violin in the New Orleans area.


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